14. mája 2020 | DoubleTree by Hilton Bratislava

Introducing TaPcon 2020

TaPcon is a congress for the Slovak retail market organized by ATOZ Group, the publishers of Slovakia’s leading retail trade magazine Tovar&Predaj (TaPmag). 

The bimonthly magazine Tovar&Predaj (TaPmag) was launched on the Slovak market in 2011 and quickly became the leading source of news and information for Slovak retailers and their suppliers. It boasts the largest distribution on the market, with a print run of over 10,000 copies going to all retailers on the Slovak market, both large and small, local and international.

The TaP family gradually expanded, as ATOZ Group sought to bring new channels of information and inspiration to the market. In 2016, the web portal TaPweb was launched along with the Facebook profile TaPfb. In 2017, the biweekly email newsletter TaPnews began bringing up-to-date information about the Slovak retail market directly to the inboxes of its readers. And in 2018, the online database TaPnovinky was launched with the goal of tracking new products on the Slovak market.

The retail congress TaPcon is therefore a logical extension of ATOZ Group’s activities on the Slovak market. It aims to use the strength of the communications channels in the TaP group to attract the widest possible audience. The goal of the congress is to serve as a forum for discussion, inspiration, information exchange and networking and help the Slovak retail market to prepare for the revolution that is sweeping the retail market around the globe.

You can learn more about the different parts of the congress here.

We thank the partners of TaPcon 2020, without whom we would not be able to launch this exciting venture:
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