May 14, 2019 | Hotel Senec, Slovakia


A full day of inspiration
Congress day 1
14. 05. 2019
08:00 - 09:00


Official opening of the congress

Price, brand, origin: what influences Slovaks when shopping?

How did Slovak retail fare in 2018 and how are we doing in comparison with surrounding countries? Has the Slovak shopping cart changed in early 2019? Are we buying more foreign brands or are we supporting Slovak ones? What role do promotions play for the Slovak customer? Are flyers an important tool in selling and does it really hold that Slovaks won't buy a product unless it is the subject of a promotion?

Pavol Zajac
Jana Magicová

Panel discussion: With paragraphs against retailers?

In a short period of time, several laws emerged in the Parliament that fundamentally change the rules of food sales in Slovakia. What caused the Slovak Retail Tax Law? How will the new legislation as a laws on unfair terms and prices affect retailers? How will retailers redesign flyers?

Martin Katriak
Martin Krajčovič
Jana Venhartová
Martin Vlachynský
Karel Týra
11:15 - 11:45


How to improve pricing?

In Slovakia, nearly one of every two food and drugstore products is sold in promotion, and the trend isn't stopping. However, two-thirds of promotions do not make sense at all! Recent legislative changes and proposals, such as the obligation to have 50% of Slovak products in a flyer, are also a major challenge. How do retailers use analytics to improve their promotional activities and how can they be successful in such a challenging environment? Which strategies to choose?

Martín Hernández

Retail is like a date invitation

Today's mass communication could be compared to a marriage after 20 years: one side is still trying to say something while the other hasn't been listening for years. We stick to the old model and constantly generate meaningless marketing offers that we think will bring us more customers, but in reality we are creating an environment that sells nothing at all. Is retail a medium that can help with this destroyed relationship? Certainly yes. Offer two-way communication. Focus on comprehensive service, long-term relationships and experience. This is what catches the attention and interest of customers, relying on the real need to be interested in one other. Where is the retail world heading? Get inspired by concepts from around the world!

Petr Šimek
13:00 - 14:00


Millennials: What do they expect from a shop?

They are the first truly digital generation of consumers, investing in experiences, buying impulses and looking for a story behind the brand. How to attract them to come back to you? What are their shopping habits and needs?
Drahomír Piok

They’re over fifty. In the past, they had one foot in the grave; they definitely do not today. Are you ready for them in your store?

How to take advantage of this customer group's potential, which has thus far been sleeping? People aged 50 to 65 are the most overlooked segment. In doing so, they represent the most promising target group. They have the most money and a desire to enjoy life. And they're not stupid. How to reach them?

Roman Straka
Míla Knepr

Panel discussion: Will Slovaks learn to buy food in e-shops?

What is the situation in online FMCG purchases in Slovakia and abroad? Why this market is not as developed as, for example, in the neighboring Czech Republic? What prevents more food and drugstore e-shops from getting started? What is the Slovak customer's relationship to online purchases? Can we expect more sales of fresh goods over the internet in the future?

Igor Ruhig
Matúš Tomášik
Tomáš Čupr
Ladislav Csengeri
16:00 - 16:30

Coffee break

Retail revolution: How are global changes in shopping behaviour affecting grocery retail?

This presentation uses new insights into shoppers’ behaviour to explore the following issues. Is e-commerce really killing ‘bricks and mortar’ retail? Or is the truth far subtler and more interesting? What's really happening to shopper behaviour globally and how will this develop in the coming years? Does this change represent an opportunity or threat to retailers? What choices to retailers have to drive growth in the future?  

Toby Desforges invites you to TaPcon.

Toby Desforges
17:30 - 24:00


First year in Slovakia of the networking party for retail and FMCG (live music, banquet, opportunity to start new and strengthen existing business contacts). More information here.